About Us

We are, as we called ENOK TEXTILE is a company of full of excitement towards textile and work clothing textile. Our excitement has made us what we are today. We have been serving and supplying  for plenty of industries. We have sufficient experiences from this industries. Based on our experiences we can consult our clients in terms of what type of clothing would be suitable for their employees. We pay attention for every single details and try to understand what are the real needs and requests from our clients. We are always open to every ideas which come from our clients, employees etc. We are open minded company which has been aiming to become an multinational international one.

Our mission is that manufacturing work clothing depends on our clients request. In order to meet your request, we always trust our customer and we expect their trust as well because, things always start with trust relationship. In addition, we say that quality of your manufacturing highly depended on your employee therefore your employee must be comfortable and protected and good looking to be able to work sufficiently. That is why work clothes are important because it makes your employees comfortable and your productivity is going to be increased. There is a relationship between productivity and work clothes

Our vision is always try to achieve best possible solution and be an good problem solver. To do that we listen, understand, and care people because people is the key that is why we are grateful for our supplier, employees, clients etc. Also we are grateful for our environment, we recycle, reproduce, use our source in a effective and sufficient way. We are nature friendly company. If you have any question or something to tell us please feel free to let us know.

Yours Faithfully